Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Holidays 2009-2010

One of the greatest joys for me is to receive news from the
couples and families that I have served. I think after learning their love story and spending so much time reading their answers to the questions and researching just the right readings, writing their ceremony, holding their hand through the whole process and being there for them on the day of the ceremony, a bond develops.

Many of the notes I receive are delightful and announce the birth of a new baby or a baby on the way.
This is such a great joy to me because I feel that in some way I am a part of this miracle.
There is a saying that, "a baby is God's way of sending hope to the world". I
believe that. Each new person offers the world their unlimited potential. A
miracle and a great joy!

This year I got a picture of the most adorable little girl that Melissa and
James (River Stone Manor 08/07) had. My family loves looking at her. I also
got the updates on Elizabeth and Mike Waxman's precious girl who was ten months old for
Christmas. That is a lot of fun! I also saw the cute little guy that Sara and
Eric (Glen Sanders 04/28) had this year. God blessed Julie and Casey (Cape Cod
07/07) with a baby this year as well. One of my 2010 grooms told me this
blessed news. I can't wait to see the pictures! I think of the glamorous
pictures Luz and Jim (Hall of Springs 08/07) sent to me of their new arrival.
Luz and Jim are now very successful in their new real estate business down
South. I also heard that Christian and Yoon (River Stone Manor 05/08) had a
sweet little treasure of their own this year.

I think of my dear friend Pat who has two new grandchildren to celebrate the
holidays with. I was blessed to do little Jack's Baby Blessing in September of
this year!

This New Year we will have more to be happy about when little blessings come to
Mike and Chariz (Lake George 5/09), Amanda and John (Desmond 10/07) and Greta
and Shane (09/09) and Ryan and Kim (05/09) and Stephen and Megan (Duanesburg
07/09) and there might even be some more surprises - who knows?!

As the winter cold blows over me, I reminisce about summer with the pictures
sent to me, by Tim and Sara, of their September wedding at Erlowest on the
shores of Lake George and Amber and Steve's wedding (08/09) at breathtaking
River Stone Manor in Scotia. Even while shopping at the Art Store in Stuyvesant
Plaza, I am reminded of Greta and Shane's Wedding on Whiteface Mountain (09/09)
as I stand in awe of the photography of Greta's Dad, a noted Adirondack
landscape photographer.

I smile to think about Sean and Amy (Albany Country Club 06/08) and Jane Ann and
Bob (Birch Hill 09/08) spending Christmas in their new homes and Maria and
Arleen (Pittsfield 09/09) preparing theirs for an awesome future.

Once in a while I even get a special text message that makes my day like the one
on Christmas from Erin and Zach (10/31/09) or the one at 3:30 am when Luz gave
birth to let me know she and her little one were healthy and happy. What a
superb start to my day!

Sometimes I get a note from a couple that had a rough year, a death in the
family, an illness, or a sadness. I am honored to hear from them and I pray for
them. I am glad to know they realize that I am still here for them if they need
me. It is sad to hear of life's difficulties, but then again, I remember the
happy times we have shared and the babies. Just as I say when we do the
ceremony: life has many seasons but the important part is to hold on and
weather them side by side.

As I ended this year with the wedding of Josh and Cristina (Desmond 12/31/09), I
reflected that whatever the season or reason, I love hearing about my couples
and families and staying a part of their lives. I am very blessed to do what I
love and love what I do. Thank you to all who include me in your love and life

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