Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spooky Love 10/31/09

Did you know the Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein never officially married?
Well they did in Albany New York on Halloween. I was the officiant for the wedding on October 31, 2009. Fondly known to their friends as Erin and Zach, they exchanged vows in front of the Haunted Mansion with their loved ones as witnesses.

The bride looked so boo-tiful and wearing a dark gown. Her hair of black and gray was done up all curly and flowing. The love in her eyes settled on the groom. The handsome groom, Frankenstein, was wearing a black suit and had his head bolt all shined up. Her was a bit green as the ceremony began.

Erin Butler and Zachary Bagdriwicz celebrated their love during the ceremony with a candle lighting. First their parents lit the Bride and Frankenstein candles representing the bride and groom as individuals. Next the Bride and Groom lit the backbone candle to symbolize that their love will be the backbone of their marriage.

Their union was evident to every eye in the room when they kissed because it was then that bride then wore Frank's green on her nose. In fact, all night as the cups dinged and the couple kissed, the bride got greener. Which is not a good sign usually but very romantic in this case.

I adored this couple of spooky lovers and was honored to create a custom ceremony that was all about them and their love, their family, their spirituality and their love of Halloween.