Friday, January 29, 2010

Doubly Blessed 11/14/09

I had the wonderful opportunity to create a custom ceremony for Laura and David on Saturday 11/14/09. They wanted a very intimate ceremony because they are planning to have a larger ceremony on Long Island when more of Laura's family can join them in the US from Ecuador.

The ceremony was held at the Raindancer in Amsterdam. Since many of Laura's relatives that live in NY and NJ came, I had the opportunity to welcome them in Spanish. Then the ceremony continued in English with custom readings and personalized vows I provided for them them to make their ceremony a PERFECT beginning for their new life. They were pronounced husband and wife in both languages but for the kiss no instruction in either language was necessary. What a beautiful couple and I wish them so many years of joy.

I loved meeting all of their family members and sharing the joy with them. Everyone was happy because initially Laura and David thought they would only be able to have a standard civil ceremony provided by a JP or something officiated by someone unknown. When they found me and learned that I am also a chaplain, they were delighted to have a ceremony that was personalized for them. That is the way everyone should get married with a meaningful ceremony!

I was touched to be expressly invited by the family to be present to hear a letter read that was sent by the bride's mother and read and translated by Esperanza. What a treasure for David and his family and Laura and her family to be given a mother's blessing on your wedding day!

Another exceptional gift of the day was that just outside the door to the room where Laurita and David married was a couple celebrating 46 years of marriage at the restaurant. Laura and David walked past them with their blessing, to begin their new life as husband and wife.
This was definitely good karma for all.

So after I officiated for Laura and David, I went outside the room and offered Vince and Jean an opportunity to have their vows renewed. They renewed their vows with the new ones Laura and David had just taken. Jean and Vince are such a great couple and the moment of renewing their vows to one another in the presence of their loved ones was a sacred sight to behold and participate in. I feel honored to have been in their company.

Congratulations to Jean and Vince and Laura and David and never let your extraordinary love become ordinary.

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