Friday, June 18, 2010

What do you do when a couple calls and wants... to unite them in marriage for a second time in their lives? You know this warrants a special gift.

I mean it is so awesome to find and commit to the person you are destined to be with once but to have life bring you back to each other a second time is outstanding? It affirms that all along you had married the right person in the first place. Wow that is so cool!

Well, when a couple called me up this week and said they wanted to marry each other again, I knew just what to do. I went straight to Erin (my candy girl bride) at Uncle Sams and got them a cute and delicious tasting chocolate bride and groom to honor their union.

Erin greeted me as I entered the shop with her usual big and genuine smile. Now that is a sweet treat in and of itself. Next she carefully selected the chocolate of choice for me with her personal care. Great service!

Nothing beats marrying the love of your life a second time (congratulations, Carol and Moe) and nothing beats Uncle Sam's chocolate.................when only the best will know what to do because I just said so.


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